The following information about you and your treatment will be stored by our service:

  • Your responses to questionnaires and other activities
  • Your name and email address
  • The date you joined SilverCloud

Privacy Policy

I. Information Collection

Your data is collected by SilverCloud on behalf of your service.

Within the program, there are two levels of information collection:

  1. Information entered by you.
  2. Analytics gathered about your visit, e.g., number of log-ins, pages viewed, names of applications accessed, items liked, and the number of journal entries made.

II. Use of Information

There are two levels of sharing within the system: }

  1. Community sharing is completely anonymous and includes the 'Like' button, 'Others Points' in the Take-Home Points at the end of each module and also 'Others Tips' in the various list applications throughout the program.
  2. The progress points at the end of each module serve as feedback for SilverCloud's developers and so may be accessed by the technical team in order to improve program content. They will also have access to collated anonymous analytics and statistics for the same reason.

III. Data Security

Your information is held on a secure server that is in controlled facilities.

All SilverCloud employees are ethically and legally bound to respect the confidentiality of any personal or research information held by SilverCloud Health.

IV. Data Protection and Personal Information

Your data will be stored on SilverCloud servers in line with your service's data retention policy and Data Protection laws until, for instance: your data is no longer required; your service decides to export or delete it; or until your service's use of SilverCloud stops.

You have certain rights to your data under Data Protection laws, including a right to access or make corrections to your data.

Please contact your service if you have queries or requests relating to your data protection rights.

V. Third Party Disclosure

We will never disclose your personal information or data to third parties. Only anonymous general system analytics and statistics for research and evaluation purposes will ever be released.