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What kind of help do you need?

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Need Urgent Help or Support?

If you are distressed or experiencing despair, try to speak to somebody now.

  • Is there a family member or a friend you could call?

If you or anyone else is in immediate danger or harm, then please call 911 for immediate help.  

Do you need medical or mental health help now?

If you do, then it is crucial that you contact the right person and that is most likely to be your healthcare provider. They will know where to get you the help you need.

If your provider’s office is closed, their voicemail will direct you to the right place or you can call 911.

Need to talk?

If you want to talk to someone about how you feel, what you’re experiencing or how to deal with someone else's behavior, you can reach out to Behavioral Health Navigation Link at (309) 308-8150.  You will be connected with a behavioral health navigator who can get you the help you need. 

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline offers a 24-hour telephone helpline at 1-800 273 TALK / 1-800 273 8255. You can also contact them via online chat.